How to be a superhero in 10 years

How do you make your character as compelling as the Avengers?By making your own superhero suit.That’s the premise behind an online project that promises to make the next-generation of superheroes from Hollywood look and feel like the original Super Heroes of the Marvel Comics.The project, called Avengers: Disney Animal Kingdom, is in its second year and aims to help filmmakers […]

How to draw anime characters with a beautiful art style

A few years ago, the Japanese anime community was awash with female anime protagonists.A number of anime artists made their mark in the genre, and they became iconic, with an art style and voice that was reminiscent of classic anime.However, as of today, this style is still rare in the mainstream, and it can be hard to find an artist […]

Why anime art is the new anime art

An anime art style called anime tiddle.It’s a very visual art style that is very easy to create, but it can also be very complex.We’re going to take a look at how this style is created and how you can learn to create it yourself.We’ll start with a simple illustration that was created in a couple of weeks.The illustration above […]

How to make a cute baby anime wallpaper

Animals are adorable, but they also deserve more attention.It’s a big challenge for any anime fan to come up with an adorable anime wallpaper.And, as an added bonus, it’s not always easy to create a cute wallpaper for a cute character, and for a cat.If you’re looking for the best way to make your favorite anime characters cute and adorable, […]

How to watch Animorphs on TV, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon: The Guide

In order to make your living as an anime and manga fan, you need to know what to watch, and how to find it.But what do you know about anime, and who is making it?We’ve collected the best and most important anime news, reviews and guides, and put them in a handy handy table below.This article may contain affiliate links.Read […]

Why is there so much cat and mouse in anime?

Anime cat, best animated movies and anime girl characters are among the many things that makes anime great, according to a new poll.The poll of more than 5,000 fans in English and Japanese on Nico Nico Music Club (NMCC) also revealed that the popularity of cat and mice in anime is not a new phenomenon.“I think anime cat and mittens […]

Animal Crossing amiibos in development, Nintendo says

Axios / Animal Crossing is currently in development for Wii U and 3DS, Nintendo said on Monday.The amiiba series of games, which will be released in 2018, is set in Animal Crossing, where players will be able to create, customize and buy an animal from the Animal Crossing franchise.The series will be a collaboration between Nintendo, Hasbro and Koei Tecmo.Nintendo […]

How anime is changing the world

A young anime actress’s new series has drawn widespread interest online, but it’s all the more important because the story is about a young girl who’s also a nerd.Natsuki Aoi is a Japanese anime actress who has gained a huge following on social media, even though she’s still young.Aoi has more than 50 million followers on Twitter and Instagram, and […]

Why anime memes are so great for memes

There’s a lot of fun stuff to be made using anime memes.This article shows you the most amazing examples.It’s all about the anime memes, in case you need another reason to love them.1.The anime meme that started it all, The “Crazy Japanese Man” memeIt started when Japanese-American comedian and actor Chris Rock made a meme that called him “The Crazy […]

Japanese TV anime reveals ‘JoJo’ character, and a new spirit animal

Japanese TV shows are coming to an end.That’s the announcement from Japanese anime studio NIS America, which released an official trailer to promote its JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime series, JoJo and the Lost Village.NIS America’s trailer shows a young JoJo with a giant heart and a white rabbit on his chest.JoJo is voiced by J.K. Simmons.The character is a spirit […]