WATCH: Sexy Anime, Sex Stickers and More!

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How do you make an animal crossing stand out from the rest?

If you’ve ever wondered how to make an anime scene stand out with a few unique details, you can check out these tips and tricks from the folks at the animation studio.In a nutshell, it’s all about making sure you’re not trying to be a real-life animal crossing, but instead a cartoon character crossing over the water to land on […]

How to Be a Good Anime Girlfriend: How to Take Care of a Dead Cat

The New York Times Magazine’s annual Best Anime column looks at the world’s best anime franchises, and how the creators have adapted them for modern audiences.This year’s article, which was written by Alison Williams, features the new anime Ghost in the Shell, which stars Scarlett Johansson as a hacker who has taken on a cyborg body.It’s a show that’s both […]

When you’ve got a cat girl and anime to watch

Fox Sports is excited to bring you the premiere of the latest anime to be released in 2017.In addition to Catgirl: The New Adventures of Catgirl (2016), the anime will also feature Catgirl and the Catwoman of Gotham City.The new episodes will air on Fox Sports 2 in early 2018.Catgirl: New Adventures Catgirl has been created by series creator Yuka […]

Why are ketchup and other foods banned at a restaurant in Washington?

Posted June 05, 2020 03:20:13Some restaurants have been forced to close and others have moved to new locations because of the growing trend of people buying ketchup at a fast-food restaurant, the Washington Post reported.The restaurant chain, Burger King, had previously faced protests and boycotts after its ketchup was sold in a grocery store in the city.The Washington Post wrote […]

Anime guy sues Anime xxx creator,gets a restraining order

A guy has filed a lawsuit against Anime xxxx creator Ryohei Nakagawa, alleging that he has been sexually harassing him.According to a filing from attorney Kiyoshi Takahashi, Nakagawas sexual misconduct began in the summer of 2018, and continued until August 20, 2019.The filing says Nakagaws behavior has left a lasting impression on Takahas life.The filing also claims that Takahase claims […]

Animal Crossing: Animate Girl Wallpaper is in your hands!

The Wallpapers are now live!The wallpaper collection has been released and can be found here: Crossing:Animate GirlWallpaper.png Nuuvesm has now announced the Wallpapers for Animal Crossing (Nuuvia), but what you may not know is that the Wallpaper will be based on the artwork of a Nuuvia employee.This image is the work of the Nuuve M. Artist, J.R.R […]

How to find a Lucky Animal Crossing cross from Australia

I’ve been wanting to cross from the US for a long time now and thought I might as well try to find one, but this time around I found a lucky animal passing the time on the road in Australia.A man who lives in Victoria was crossing the country on his bike when a man in a grey van came […]

How ‘The Walking Dead’ actor was left stunned after being shot in the head

A black panthers star in “The Walking Dark” has been left stunned by what happened to him and his dog.Actor Ryan Phillippe was attacked and shot by a black bear at a park in Los Angeles, authorities said.Phillippes dog, a golden retriever named Stinky, was injured.The Los Angeles Times reports that Phillipps dog was taken to a vet and is […]

Isabelle Animal Crossing hair styles are awesome, but what about the ones you don’t have access to?

The hair styles you can’t buy are amazing.They’re cute and simple and just make the world a better place.I love the way they feel in your hair.They feel so natural, and they look so great on you.And then there’s the weirdest, most amazing ones that you can actually’t buy.They look like this: The one with the curly top and the […]