What’s a dog’s best bet when you’re on the go? – BBC News

The answer is a combination of everything.There’s the comfort of a dog, the excitement of getting out and about, and the chance to meet new people, a new place and new friends.But there’s also the need to make sure you can see what’s going on around you.That’s why some people will cross dogs and cats.But others will cross people with […]

How to watch anime on TV and in movies

There’s no shortage of anime shows to watch.From the popular anime series to more obscure series, the list of anime-related shows is long.However, when it comes to the movies, there are some really great ones to watch as well.We’ve rounded up some of the best anime movies you should watch in 2017, and even have some recommendations for the best […]

When is the next Animal Crossing amiibos in the game?

Animal Crossing: amiibi Boy: New Leaf is the latest installment in the popular Animal Crossing series, which started with the release of the original game in 2008.Animal Crossing Amiiboes are a collection of cute amiiba characters that you can collect from the game’s various locations, and they are available for purchase at shops, stores, and in the Nintendo eShop.While some […]