When the world is a fox, it’s the world we’re in

It’s hard to find a single Japanese word in English to describe what it is: a fox.The animal that’s the national mascot for the country is a hybrid between the domestic cat and the domesticated rabbit, and although the Japanese have no written language for it, they can trace its ancestry back at least 500 years to an ancient Chinese […]

How to stream anime in 2018

If you haven’t been following our live-streaming coverage, it’s probably because we’ve been writing about it for years now.It’s a very big deal: In just a few short weeks, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube will all start rolling out streaming service subscriptions that let you watch all sorts of anime and manga.And while the industry has been pushing to do […]

How to Stop the Animals in Your Life

Posted February 08, 2019 05:17:14When it comes to animals, I always find it difficult to understand how humans manage to be so incredibly cruel.For instance, I know that when I think of killing animals, people will automatically think of what they see on television.And while watching that cruel show, it’s like the brain is sending a message to my brain […]