Animal Crossing: Animate Girl Wallpaper is in your hands!

The Wallpapers are now live!The wallpaper collection has been released and can be found here: Crossing:Animate GirlWallpaper.png Nuuvesm has now announced the Wallpapers for Animal Crossing (Nuuvia), but what you may not know is that the Wallpaper will be based on the artwork of a Nuuvia employee.This image is the work of the Nuuve M. Artist, J.R.R […]

How to find a Lucky Animal Crossing cross from Australia

I’ve been wanting to cross from the US for a long time now and thought I might as well try to find one, but this time around I found a lucky animal passing the time on the road in Australia.A man who lives in Victoria was crossing the country on his bike when a man in a grey van came […]