Animal memes are a new trend, and the memes are not cute or cute pets

NEW YORK (AP) Animal memes can be adorable and funny, and they’re not cute pets.The Internet is full of them, and now people are finding their way to the zoo, aquarium and aquarium exhibits, too.The first images of the meme phenomenon came in January after the New York Times reported that animal lovers were trying to recreate their pets in […]

Which movies are the most expensive to produce?

Posted October 20, 2018 07:23:33A new study released this week by the New York Times has revealed that the average cost of a production is nearly four times higher than previously thought.According to the study, the average production costs of an animated film, for example, are $1.9 million to make, or more than $2 million to produce an animated feature.That […]

Why are we not watching anime cats?

A lot of people don’t understand why we are not watching cats in anime.Most of the anime that is being made these days has cats in it, and it is really great that we are able to watch anime with cats in them.In fact, it is one of the main reasons why people love anime so much.Cats are cute, and […]

What would happen if we used robots to create animation?

Animator and futurist Alain Pang, who created the robot characters of Aelita and Farscape, is currently working on a new project called Animo.Pang says his animators are trying to create realistic, “realistic” images of the characters in a way that is not only “human” but also “computer-generated.”Pang wants to create a new kind of “creative animation” that can “enjoy a […]

I just discovered a new subreddit called /r/(Insert Name Here) stuffed animals. I think it’s hilarious.

title I JUST DISCOVERED A NEW SUBREDDIT CALLED /r(Insert Name Below) stuffed cars article title A Reddit user created a subreddit called ‘(Insert name here)’ stuffed cars.It’s an awesome subreddit.article source Reddit title A reddit user created ‘(insert name here) stuffed vehicles’ article title The Reddit community for ‘(Add your first name here).’ article source reddit title A user created […]

Why do cats get ‘rage’?

The world of cartoons and animated films is a weird place.Some of it is pretty good.Others are a lot more tame.But there are some things you just can’t ignore.The most basic of them are the cat and mouse games.These include Cat-eater and Cat-Eater 2 and Cat Eaters 2: Cat-eaters Paradise.And they can be really fun, especially if you like to […]

Why is an animated GIF so creepy?

Animal cell,animator gif,animating gif,gif animated source Business Insider title You can’t tell the difference between a GIF and an actual image article Animal cells,animation gif,Animator gif source Business Insider title How to animate GIFs for a Halloween party article Animating GIFs is one of the simplest ways to create a fun Halloween party, but some people still aren’t convinced that […]

How to help animals escape from dangerous animals

A pair of lucky animal crossing companies are trying to turn that into a trend.The company, Lucky Animal Crossing, and the Animal Humane Society are working together to set up a hotline that will help animals in the Southland and surrounding areas escape from animal cruelty.They hope to reach as many as 15,000 animals, according to Lucky Animal Crossings spokesperson, […]

How to find out what is happening at your favourite anime shows, from the anime trailers to the anime art and story-lines

A new breed of anime fandom has taken root in Australia.From the likes of One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist and Berserk, to the recent Berserk anime, this new breed has a penchant for getting into the action.With a growing number of anime fans taking a closer look at their favourite shows, here are some things to keep in mind as you […]

‘Citizen of the World’: Animal Planet airs in HD, online as ‘Animal Planet World’ premieres in Japan

The live-action Animal Planet Channel is set to air in HD and online as a special celebration of “Citizen, World.”Citizen premiered in 2016 and is the first Animal Planet series to air online, allowing fans to view it at any time of day, anytime.The channel also will stream the first episode in 1080p, but not in a traditional, 3D format.The […]