Why are the anime posters so sad?

A few of the posters for the anime adaptation of Ajin – The Demon Blade- are being very sad these days.They are all characters from the first season.Some are happy, some are sad.They even all have the same name.One of them even has a sad look on her face.Some of them are sad because they’re so happy, and some are […]

How to watch the upcoming Animes: Animes to Watch

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What’s on next in the wild animal world?

Wild animals are an ever-expanding source of fascination and entertainment for fans.In some cases, they’re the ultimate fantasy, the ultimate escape.But for others, like the wild cat pictured here, they offer a sense of hope.They’re part of an ongoing debate on the ethics of the exploitation of wildlife, and it’s a debate that’s gaining traction on social media.“We have to […]