When Will They Get Paid? Anime Merch and Anime Fans at War

Anime merch and anime fans at war: this is how a lot of anime fans feel when they find out that some of their favourite shows, such as Dragon Ball, Ghost in the Shell, or Sword Art Online, will be available on the same day as their favorite anime, such that some items such as T-shirts, manga or anime posters, […]

How to make a Disney animated movie using a robot

You’ve probably heard of Disney’s “Tangled” animated series, but now you can make a movie using one of its favorite robotic assistants.You don’t need a fancy robot, but you do need a lot of fun.We have a video tutorial below to help.

How to keep anime’s best moments in mind when reading reviews

If you’re an anime fan and want to remember the best moments from the first season or a sequel, the first step is to stop and re-read the reviews.These are the most critical reviews and reviews written by fans of the show.Here are some tips on how to do it.

Anime Body Pillow (Animal Crossing) Source ABC News

NEW YORK — Anime body pillow is the latest trend to hit the American market.The pillow is designed to mimic the look of real body parts and has been popping up around the country.People have been taking advantage of the pillow trend to dress up their pet animals.One pet owner in Los Angeles said she was making a pillow for […]