Anime girl wallpaper from the new anime girl anime by anime girls

Anime girls are now starting to show up in more and more shows on TV and online.With anime-themed wallpaper on a whole new level, it’s hard to think of a better way to mark the occasion than with a beautiful anime girl wall!We got ourselves a nice set of anime girl art wallpapers from the anime-focused website Anime Girls and […]

When ‘auteur’ is ‘audie’ and ‘animal’ is a double-edged sword

by Amy AlcornThe latest issue of Japan’s leading monthly manga magazine, Kadokawa ‘s Weekly Shonen Sunday, has a story about two siblings who fall in love with each other and, in turn, have to decide how to live with their parents.The siblings are also trying to raise a family.The story, published by Kadokawas ‘ Weekly Shōnen Sunday, is called “A […]

Why is the mascot for NBA’s NBA All-Star Game at the Lakers’ Pau Gasol-led Lakers so bad?

By BERNARD JOHNSONSource FOX Sports 1 / 11″It’s all about Gasol,” Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said Monday after Gasol’s team lost in overtime to the Utah Jazz.“The whole thing is just about the Gasol thing.And I think we’re all going to be surprised when he starts coming out to play again.”The Gasol phenomenon began in February 2016 when he played […]

How to make anime cosplay a reality

You can make your own anime cosplayer in less than 30 minutes.The process is easy, the equipment is cheap, and you’ll be the first anime cosplayers in your neighborhood.The basics to making anime cosplaysThe basics are fairly straightforward.The first step is to get a costume.You can either get one that is already made, or buy a costume that you like.If […]