a way out game length

a way out game length

A Way Out: How Long is the Game?

Have you ever wanted to know how long A Way Out game is? A game on couch coop and online coop, made by the guys who developed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. A Way Out has a unique split-screen cooperative experience and is an action adventure game. It does not require a high spec to run the game, but does take a while to finish.

How Long Is A Way Out?

A Way Out is a 10 – 15 hours game and is split over two main parts. The main story has the main characters Leo and Vincent, the escape from prison and simultaneously the journey they go on afterwards.

What’s Included in The Game?

In the game, you are playing as both Leo and Vincent for a dual as well as split-screen cooperative experience. It includes:

  • Game Missions: You have to complete each mission to progress the story, these range from fights to puzzles, stealth interactions and car chases.
  • Mini Games: There are five mini-games thrown in to the story to break it up, these include car racing and darts.
  • Escape Pods: Escape pods are used to escape from prison, with the option to jump off or take the slowly declining ladder route.

How Many Chapters Are There?

The game is split into eight chapters with the first four being the prison section. You can play either with or without an online coop partner, two controllers and a sofa. The game takes around three – five hours to finish the story section, but with the mini games and their respective completion time added in, A Way Out will take about 10 –15 hours to complete.


A Way Out is a great game, with plenty of story and action. Even though it can be completed quickly with a partner, it can also be played cooperatively with two controllers and a sofa. The game has a unique split-screen cooperative experience, multiple mini games and plenty of environmental interaction, making the 10 – 15 hours completion time well worth it.



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