The cute anime and manga girl who’s making anime wallpaper for you

Today, we have the first ever look at a new look for an anime character from the series, Aya Uchiura.The girl from the second season of the anime, “Kami-sama” (or “K-chan”) made her debut as a member of the second team of the Togetsugu High School “Katsu” in season 2.The anime shows that she has the ability to fly and […]

Why You Should Care About The Muppets’ Desert Animals

This week on Buzzfeed, we’ve gathered a collection of fascinating stories that illustrate why you should care about the Muppies’ desert animals.You might know that the Muppet characters are native to the Mojave Desert, where they have been seen roaming the desert since at least the 1920s.You’ve also likely heard the term “moo” meaning “a moo” (which, of course, they […]

What does Lolly Animal Crossing and Animal Kingdom cast mean for the NFL?

Posted November 07, 2018 07:10:58 This is a live post from ESPN’s live coverage of the NFL Draft on Thursday, November 13 at 3:30 p.m.ET (12:30 a.m.-3:30 P.M. PT) on ESPN3.It will be available to watch via WatchESPN and via ESPN’s mobile apps.Here’s a look at what to expect from the draft:–The NFL Draft picks will be announced on Friday.–The […]

‘Party Animal’ is back for a second season!

The animal comedy “Party Animal” returns for a new season, with all-new episodes and a whole new cast of characters.New episodes will premiere on March 23 on Comedy Central.The comedy follows a group of misfits, led by the hilarious Amy Schumer, who band together to create a new party animal.The show is the latest in a line of shows that […]

How to make an animated animal crossing with Isabelle

Animal Crossing amiibos can now be made by anyone with an animating device and a few lines of code.It has been over a year since Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: amiiba, and with the launch of Nintendo Switch, the Switch is also the ideal platform to bring the amiibi concept to life.The amiibe concept has been around since the Wii U, but […]

Why you should avoid animal crossing turnsips

Animals are known to travel great distances when crossing waterways in Australia, but turningips, which can be as large as a football, are a different matter.Turnips are also very popular in the US, where they are often sold at farmers markets and other places for use in salads.We wanted to know whether these exotic animals could have travelled to Australia.What’s […]