are there nfl games on saturdays

are there nfl games on saturdays

Are There NFL Games on Saturdays?

The National Football League (NFL) typically holds games on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights. However, there are some Saturday NFL games throughout the season.

What to Expect from Saturday NFL Games

Saturday is generally reserved for college football and some of the bigger teams such as the USC Trojans or Ohio State Buckeyes. However, there are some Saturdays that the NFL chooses to host games. Typically, these Saturdays have some restrictions.

  • The Weeks Followed by Christmas: Usually the weeks after Christmas Sunday have NFL games, mostly on Saturday.
  • Weeks With No Monday Night Football: If there are not any Monday Night Football games in a particular week, some games will be switched to Saturdays.
  • The Week Before the Super Bowl: The week before the Super Bowl is reserved for a special game on Saturday and another game on Sunday.

Watch Live NFL Games on Saturday

The good news is that these Saturday games are available to watch through NFL Network and various other TV providers. You can also stream the games live online with various streaming services, such as Sling TV and Hulu Live.

In addition, the NFL recently launched an app called NFL Sunday Ticket that allows you to watch any out-of-market game on your computer or mobile device. This is particularly useful if you are not able to get the NFL Network in your area.


For most of the NFL season, Saturdays are reserved for college football. However, there are some Saturdays that have NFL games. You can watch these games live through NFL Network, TV providers, streaming services or the NFL Sunday Ticket app.



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