are video games media mail

are video games media mail

Are Video Games Media Mail?

Video games have certainly become a major form of entertainment and a popular way to experience storytelling, within the world of media mail. Media mail is broadly defined as a form of communication which utilizes the representation of messages or ideas through the use of technology. Video games, as a form of interactive media, absolutely qualify as media mail.

What Qualifies as Media Mail Communication?

Media mail is one form of communication, such as books, television, radio and film. It allows for expression, storytelling and the delivery of messages and information in a very powerful and efficient manner.

How can Video Games be Viewed as Media Mail?

  • Interactive Artistry and Storytelling:Video games allow for interactive artistry and storytelling. Users get to explore and experience stories in a way that was previously not available before video games. Through the use of story and immersive gameplay, video games allow artistry to be shared with the world in a truly unique way.
  • Communication of Ideas: Video games allow for the communication of ideas and messages to an audience. Through the use of narrative, dialogue and gameplay elements, players are able to get a strong grasp of the messages and themes being presented.
  • Educational Purposes: Video games are also used in educational settings, allowing the students to gain communication skills and understanding of complex topics. Video games allow students to learn and interact with the content on a deeper level than is possible with traditional books and lectures.


Video games are a powerful form of media. Through the use of audio, visual, and interactive elements, video games allow for a powerful form of communication and storytelling. As such, video games can be considered media mail and an important tool in the ever-expanding world of communication.



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