How to be a superhero in 10 years

How do you make your character as compelling as the Avengers?By making your own superhero suit.That’s the premise behind an online project that promises to make the next-generation of superheroes from Hollywood look and feel like the original Super Heroes of the Marvel Comics.The project, called Avengers: Disney Animal Kingdom, is in its second year and aims to help filmmakers […]

Why anime art is the new anime art

An anime art style called anime tiddle.It’s a very visual art style that is very easy to create, but it can also be very complex.We’re going to take a look at how this style is created and how you can learn to create it yourself.We’ll start with a simple illustration that was created in a couple of weeks.The illustration above […]

Animal Crossing amiibos in development, Nintendo says

Axios / Animal Crossing is currently in development for Wii U and 3DS, Nintendo said on Monday.The amiiba series of games, which will be released in 2018, is set in Animal Crossing, where players will be able to create, customize and buy an animal from the Animal Crossing franchise.The series will be a collaboration between Nintendo, Hasbro and Koei Tecmo.Nintendo […]

What’s going on at Anime News Network? – 1 article Super Mario Bros. was released in 1983 and the Super Mario World franchise was released five years later in 1989.In the years since then, many other games have been released, with games such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Xenoblade Chronicles, and the Kingdom Hearts 2 franchise being some of the most successful franchises of all […]

Aeon of Strife: The Darkest Days of Animal Crossing (NSFW)

Animate animals in Animal Crossing are just as creepy as the original game, but they also bring some unique additions to the series.In this gallery of NSFW photos, we’ve pulled together images from the new Animal Crossing game that show off some of the most notable animal crosspains to come.These photos are all from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.You can view […]

“Ketchup, you are the best.” | Animal Crossing: New Leaf animal crossing photo gallery

Animals are crossing borders to make new friends in Animal Crossing New Leaf.| Illustration by Tsubasa Shioda, created for The Animal Crossing Channel.Animals are also making new friends.For example, animals have been crossing borders in New Leaf to make friends with characters.But the biggest difference in Animal Crossings in Animal Town and Animal Crossing is the new town’s inhabitants.Animal Crossing […]

Which Japanese games are coming to Nintendo Switch?

BNA anime title Which games are going to be coming to Switch?The following is based on an analysis of data collected by the company.BNA is a digital media company.The BNA team is made up of experts in the field of blockchain technology.It’s not the first time the team has produced a blockchain report.BNS, the company’s blockchain news and analysis service, […]

When ‘auteur’ is ‘audie’ and ‘animal’ is a double-edged sword

by Amy AlcornThe latest issue of Japan’s leading monthly manga magazine, Kadokawa ‘s Weekly Shonen Sunday, has a story about two siblings who fall in love with each other and, in turn, have to decide how to live with their parents.The siblings are also trying to raise a family.The story, published by Kadokawas ‘ Weekly Shōnen Sunday, is called “A […]

How to make anime cosplay a reality

You can make your own anime cosplayer in less than 30 minutes.The process is easy, the equipment is cheap, and you’ll be the first anime cosplayers in your neighborhood.The basics to making anime cosplaysThe basics are fairly straightforward.The first step is to get a costume.You can either get one that is already made, or buy a costume that you like.If […]

Why are we not watching anime cats?

A lot of people don’t understand why we are not watching cats in anime.Most of the anime that is being made these days has cats in it, and it is really great that we are able to watch anime with cats in them.In fact, it is one of the main reasons why people love anime so much.Cats are cute, and […]