can 3ds play ds games

can 3ds play ds games

Can 3ds Play DS Games?

The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld gaming device released by Nintendo and is the successor to its popular DS console. According to Nintendo, it has the ability to play all Nintendo DS games as well as some Nintendo 3DS games.

What are Nintendo DS Games?

Nintendo DS games are those that were developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS platform. They include titles such as Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros. and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. These games are playable on both the original and later versions of the Nintendo DS console.

Can 3DS Play all Nintendo DS Games?

Yes, the 3DS is backward compatible, meaning it can play Nintendo DS games. That said, not all Nintendo DS games are supported by the 3DS. Certain games from the Nintendo DS console, including some of the more advanced titles, will not be playable on the 3DS.

Will my 3DS Play Older Nintendo DS Games?

Yes, the 3DS will play most Nintendo DS games initially released. Nintendo has released several updates to the 3DS firmware that allow more games to be compatible with the 3DS, although some more advanced titles may still not be playable.

What are the Benefits of Playing Nintendo DS Games on the 3DS?

Playing Nintendo DS Games on the 3DS allows players to experience their favorite titles in 3D. The 3DS also provides a number of additional features that make the gaming experience more enjoyable, such as StreetPass, improved visuals, and the ability to download exclusive content.


The Nintendo 3DS is capable of playing Nintendo DS games, with some exceptions. By playing your favorite DS games on the 3DS, you can experience them in 3D and take advantage of the extra features the 3DS has to offer.



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