can blind people play video games

can blind people play video games

Can Blind People Play Video Games?

Do you enjoy playing video games? Have you ever considered how a visually impaired person plays games? While video games are mostly designed with visual media in mind, it is possible for blind people to play games with the help of certain technologies.

Accessibility Technologies for Blind Gamers

Accessibility options for visually impaired gamers have been around for many years. Common software used by the blind community to play games includes:

  • Audio Games – These are specifically designed for blind gamers, involving sounds and touch. Examples of audio games include The Mind’s Eclipse and The Blind Legend.
  • Screen Readers – These are programs that convert text and other information on the screen into digital audio. This allows visually impaired gamers to understand what’s happening on their digital device with the help of audio cues.
  • Voice Commands – Some games allow gamers to use their voice instead of buttons and controllers. This gives blind people the freedom to play without the use of tactile controls.
  • Braille Controllers – This is a specialized controller which allows gamers to use a Braille keyboard and tactile buttons. This gives blind gamers a way to interact directly with the game, without needing to rely on audio cues or screen readers.

These technologies allow visually impaired gamers to enjoy playing video games in a way that suits their abilities.


Video games may not seem like a viable form of entertainment for those with visual impairments, but there are accessibility technologies in place to make gaming accessible for all. Blind people can still experience gaming and have a great time playing, with the right support and technologies.



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