can blind people play video games

can blind people play video games

Can Blind People Play Video Games?

Video games are an increasingly popular form of entertainment and millions of people play them every day, but can blind people also partake? The answer is yes, some video games are now being made accessible to blind people so they can also enjoy them.

How Blind People Play Video Games

Blind people can play video games because of the introduction of accessibility controls. These controls are changes in interface and gameplay that allow blind people to interact with the game. Some of the ways they can be implemented include:

  • Audio cues – Audio cues provide blind people with important information about the game. This can include a description of the action on the screen or instructions on what buttons to press.
  • 3D Maps and Braille – 3D maps enable blind people to understand the layout of the game and where different elements are. Maps also use braille, which blind people can understand, to give additional information on how to play the game.
  • Adapted Gamepads – Some gamepads have special grips that enable blind people to feel and find the functions of different buttons. This allows them to interact better with the game and make their way around the levels.

Examples of Accessible Video Games

Here are some examples of video games that can be played by blind people:

  • Audiball – This is a 3D platformer game designed for visually impaired people. It features audio-only cues to play the game and is designed to be as accessible as possible.
  • In the Dark – This is a puzzle game where players must navigate through dark mazes using sound cues. Players can also use braille to learn more about their environment and complete the puzzles.
  • Shape Blink – This is a game which challenges players to identify different shapes using their hearing and memory. It is a great way of helping blind people develop spatial awareness.


Video games are becoming ever more popular and blind people can now participate too. With the introduction of accessibility controls and specially designed games, blind people can enjoy video games just like anyone else.



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