can jam game

can jam game

Can Jam – The Ultimate Outdoor Game

Can Jam is an enjoyable outdoor game that is perfect for any type of gathering. This game can be played as a solo game, or even as a team game with up to four players.

How to Play

The basic objective of the game is to throw discs (such as from a frisbee) into a bucket that is mounted in a pole. Each player takes turns throwing the discs at the bucket, and whoever gets the disc in the bucket first earns a point. The first player or team to get 21 points wins the game.

What You Need

To play Can Jam, you need just a few things:

  • Discs: This can include something like a frisbee or a boomerang, any type of disc will do.
  • Bucket: This is the goal of the game. You will need a bucket and a pole of some kind to mount it on.
  • Players: As mentioned before, you can play Can Jam as a solo game, or as a team game. If you are playing as a team, you will need up to four players.

The Rules

There are a few simple rules to keep in mind while playing Can Jam:

  • Each player can have up to three throws each turn.
  • Once the disc has landed, anyone can move it to the best position for the next player.
  • If a disc hits the bucket but does not stay in, it will not count as a point.
  • If a disc is caught on a ricochet, the thrower will not receive a point.
  • The first player or team to get 21 points wins the game.


Can Jam is a great outdoor game for an outdoor party or gathering. It is easy to set up and easy to play, making it perfect for all ages. Whether you are an expert player or a novice, you are sure to have a great time with Can Jam.



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