can u play ps4 games on ps5

can u play ps4 games on ps5

Can I Play PS4 Games On PS5?

It’s the million-dollar question: Can I play my existing PS4 games on my PS5? The short answer is YES!

The PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible with all PlayStation 4 games, and while the PS5’s native hardware won’t improve the graphics of your existing PS4 games, some titles will also get a frame-rate improvement which means they’ll run more smoothly on the new hardware.

What Are the Benefits of Playing PS4 Games on My PS5?

The PlayStation 5 offers gamers a few benefits for playing their PS4 games on the new hardware. These include:

  • Faster Loading Times – Thanks to the ultra-fast SSD and higher processing power of the PS5, your PS4 games will load in a fraction of the time compared to the PS4, resulting in shorter loading screens and getting you into the action much quicker.
  • Improved Performance – As mentioned earlier, some games will benefit from improved frame rates when played on PS5, making them smoother and more enjoyable to play.
  • Access to cutting edge features – With the PS5, you’ll be able to use features like Activity Cards, which provide quick-access to stats, objectives and achievements, as well as access to features like Game Help which can provide advice and tutorials if you get stuck on a game.

Can I Play My Digital and Physical Copies of PS4 Games On PS5?

Yes! Both your physical and digital copies of your PS4 games will work on PS5. You’ll be able to install the game from your disc or from the digital store, and you’ll also be able to transfer your saved data from your PS4 to the new console.

Will I Need to Re-download All of My Purchased PS4 Games on PS5?

No, you won’t need to re-download your purchased PS4 games on your PS5. You should see a tab dedicated to your previously purchased PS4 titles when you log into your account in the PlayStation Store. All you need to do is select this tab, then follow the instructions to download and install the game on your PS5.

Overall, playing your PS4 games on PS5 is a great way to enjoy your existing library of games, while also taking advantage of the faster loading times, improved performance and access to cutting-edge features of the new hardware.



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