can you gift games on psn

can you gift games on psn

Gifting Games on Playstation Network

The Playstation Network (PSN) has a number of features, allowing users to purchase digital games, play online, access services and more. One feature of the PSN which has become increasingly popular is the ability to gift games.

What is Gifting?

Gifting gives users the ability to send a digital game or other product directly to another user on PSN, completely free of charge. All that is required is that both users have a PSN account and are connected to one another.

How to Gift

It is easy to gift games on Playstation Network. Follow these steps:

  • Log into the Playstation Network – the user should log into their own PSN account on the Playstation console.
  • Find the item to gift – in the Playstation store, find the game or product that you would like to gift.
  • Select the recipient – next, select the recipient from your contacts list. You can select up to 3 recipients at once.
  • Confirm the purchase – the user should review the purchase information, then confirm the purchase.
  • The recipient should receive a notification – once the user has confirmed the purchase, the recipient should receive a notification informing them that they have received the gift. The recipient can then download the game or product for free.

Tips for Gifting

  • Make sure the recipient is connected to your PSN account as a friend.
  • It is not possible to gift games or products that have already been purchased by the user.
  • It is not possible to gift funds to another user.
  • Gifting is only available on Playstation consoles, it is not available on other platforms, such as Windows PC.


The Playstation Network allows users to gift games and other products to other users. This feature has become increasingly popular and is an easy way to send a digital gift to friends and family. All that is needed is for the users to be connected as friends, and the user should select the item to be gifted and the recipient from their contacts list. The recipient should then receive a notification informing them of the gift.



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