can you play downloaded switch games offline

can you play downloaded switch games offline

Can You Play Downloaded Switch Games Offline?

The Nintendo Switch is gradually becoming one of the most popular gaming systems out there, allowing gamers to play anytime, anywhere. While the Switch may not have the same capabilities as a home console, many gamers are curious whether they can play downloaded switch games offline.

Playing Switch Games Offline

The short answer is yes–gamers can play downloaded switch games offline, but there are a few things to consider before doing so:

  • Always be Online – gamers must always be online in order to download games and access updates. Once those steps are completed, then the player can play their downloaded game offline.
  • Nintendo Accounts – to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch functionalities, gamers must have a Nintendo account linked to their console. This allows them to access the eShop, download games, and access other online elements.
  • Check for Updates Before Going Offline – it’s important to check for game updates before going offline. This ensures that gamers are playing the latest version of their game and not missing out on new content.

Playing Switch Games in Airplane Mode

An alternative option for those wanting to play switch games offline is to switch their console to airplane mode. This mode will disable your console’s connection to the internet, allowing gamers to play downloaded games without the requirement of being online.

Once this mode is enabled, all the player has to do is find the downloaded game on the main menu and start playing! After playing the game in airplane mode, make sure to disconnect the console from the internet or else new updates or changes could screw up the progress made in the game.


To summarize, yes, gamers can play downloaded Switch games offline. All they have to do is make sure they have a Nintendo account linked to their console and that the game has been fully downloaded and updated before going offline. Additionally, if they still want to play the game in their offline setting, then the console can be placed in airplane mode to disable the internet connection.



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