can you play games on a kindle

can you play games on a kindle

Can You Play Games on a Kindle?

The Kindle is a popular device produced by Amazon for reading books, magazines and other media. Their tablets also offer basic gaming capabilities. So can you play games on a Kindle?

What Kinds of Games Can You Play?

The Kindle Fire tablets range offers users the ability to play pre-loaded games as well as games from the Amazon App Store. The pre-loaded games include Solitaire and Sudoku and also more casual games like Bubble Pop and Tic Tac Toe.

When it comes to the App Store, some of the games available include Angry Birds, Crazy Taxi City Rush, Cut the Rope Experiments, Dragon Mania and Fruit Ninja. Of course, games like these are currently widespread across many different devices and platforms.

Are the Games Any Good?

The games range between different tablets. On the Kindle Fire HD 7 users have found the games to be quite good, with the graphics, sound and number of levels all being satisfactory. Users find that the games are easy to learn and play, making them suitable to all ages.

Other Kindle Fire tablets, such as the HD 8.9″ model, also offer more than enough good titles to satisfy gamers, with a good variety to choose from.

Is It a Good Platform for Games?

The Kindle Fire range of tablets is competent for basic gaming but lacks the prowess of a co-processor and graphics core to handle more graphically intense games. This means that you won’t be getting a top-end iPad-style gaming experience, but you will still be able to enjoy casual games, strategy and puzzle games as well as a few more intense titles.

What Are the Benefits?

The advantages of gaming on a Kindle are:

  • Low Price Point: The Kindle Fire range of tablets is much cheaper than other tablets, making it more affordable for casual gamers.
  • Wide Range of Titles: With the Amazon App Store offering a variety of titles there are plenty of options to choose from.
  • User Friendly: The Kindle Fire is easy to use, even if you’re not familiar with tablets or gaming consoles.


The Kindle Fire range of tablets offers users the ability to play games from pre-loaded sources as well as from the Amazon App Store. Even though the games won’t be of the same quality as on more advanced consoles and tablets, casual gamers will be able to find plenty of good titles to enjoy on their Kindle Fire.



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