can you refund oculus games

can you refund oculus games

Can You Refund Oculus Games?

Have you ever regretted buying an Oculus game and wished that you could get your money back? You may be wondering if you can refund an Oculus game.

Good News – You Can Refund Oculus Games

The great news is that Oculus does offer refunds on purchased games in some cases. Below are some of the main criteria to be aware of:

  • 14-Day Window: You have 14 days from the time of purchase to request and receive a refund on an Oculus game.
  • Playtime Requirement: You must have playing the game for less than 2 hours to be eligible for a refund
  • Return Policy: You can request a return for any reason other than technical issues with the game itself

Where to Request a Refund

You can request a refund on an Oculus game by visiting the purchase history page on the Oculus website. On this page, you can find all of your purchases, including games, apps, and add-ons. Once you find the game you want to return, you can click the refund button and follow the instructions on screen.

Wrapping Up

In summary, you can indeed obtain a refund on Oculus games in some cases. The main criteria are that the purchase must be within the 14-day window, the game must have been played for less than 2 hours, and the return must be for a reason other than a technical issue.



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