How to find a Lucky Animal Crossing cross from Australia

I’ve been wanting to cross from the US for a long time now and thought I might as well try to find one, but this time around I found a lucky animal passing the time on the road in Australia.A man who lives in Victoria was crossing the country on his bike when a man in a grey van came […]

How ‘The Walking Dead’ actor was left stunned after being shot in the head

A black panthers star in “The Walking Dark” has been left stunned by what happened to him and his dog.Actor Ryan Phillippe was attacked and shot by a black bear at a park in Los Angeles, authorities said.Phillippes dog, a golden retriever named Stinky, was injured.The Los Angeles Times reports that Phillipps dog was taken to a vet and is […]

‘Cats Are People!’: Cat Girl to appear in ‘My Little Pony’ episode 4

The cat girl will join a small group of ponies who have become a bit of a household name.She joins the “My Little Ponies” cast that includes Equestria Girls’ Cutie Mark Crusaders and the newly re-launched Mane Six.The Cat Girl joins the main cast in a “My Sweetie Belle” episode in the upcoming fourth season.The episode stars new character Mane […]

Anime girls wear sexy lingerie and panties at conventions

There are plenty of conventions where young anime girls have to wear sexy underwear and lingerie, but a new convention is changing that.The Anime Tiddies (AiT) convention in Japan will take place on May 25-28, 2019.Its aimed at women aged 13-15.This is the first time a convention for young anime fans has taken place in Japan.There will be a lot […]

When the animals get in your face: Animal kingdom is a little more than a zoo

A visit to Animal Kingdom is not always the most enjoyable thing you do in your life, but when it’s a lot of fun you might just find yourself getting the full Disney experience.The park has some of the best animals in the world, and the crowds are huge.But what if you don’t like to wander around in the dark?The […]

When the world is a fox, it’s the world we’re in

It’s hard to find a single Japanese word in English to describe what it is: a fox.The animal that’s the national mascot for the country is a hybrid between the domestic cat and the domesticated rabbit, and although the Japanese have no written language for it, they can trace its ancestry back at least 500 years to an ancient Chinese […]

When your dog is a party animal: 3D anime porn

The following is a list of articles and videos posted by the NHL and NHLPA about the league and NHLPedia.Please note: These are the official statements from NHL and NFLPedia regarding the 2018 NHL Winter Classic.The information and images contained within these pages are not intended to constitute an endorsement of the NHL or NFLP.Please consult the NHL/NFLP websites for […]

How to watch anime on TV and in movies

There’s no shortage of anime shows to watch.From the popular anime series to more obscure series, the list of anime-related shows is long.However, when it comes to the movies, there are some really great ones to watch as well.We’ve rounded up some of the best anime movies you should watch in 2017, and even have some recommendations for the best […]

When is the next Animal Crossing amiibos in the game?

Animal Crossing: amiibi Boy: New Leaf is the latest installment in the popular Animal Crossing series, which started with the release of the original game in 2008.Animal Crossing Amiiboes are a collection of cute amiiba characters that you can collect from the game’s various locations, and they are available for purchase at shops, stores, and in the Nintendo eShop.While some […]

How to Draw Anime Animals

By Andrew LeopoldAssociated Press”When I was a kid, my mom and dad would draw anime characters on a white board and I’d think, ‘That’s cool, it’s just a cartoon.’But now, I have my own collection of them, and they’re super fun.I think they’re really unique.”—(Anime coloring pages)—For the first time, fans are getting to experience a new kind of cartoon […]