did eminem respond to the game

did eminem respond to the game

Did Eminem Respond to The Game?

Ever since The Game released his track “The City”, many have wondered: did Eminem ever respond?

The Game, aka Jayceon Taylor, is a Compton rapper who is known for having previously been signed to 50 Cent’s G-Unit label. He was one of the first major West Coast rappers to really make it big, and has collaborated with the likes of Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, and others. He is also a long-time rival of Eminem, which is why some people speculated that would respond to “The City” with a track of his own.

So, did Eminem ever respond? The short answer is: no. While there have been rumors of Eminem recording a response track, this has never been confirmed or denied by Eminem or his team.

The Track That Started It All

“The City” was the lead single from The Game’s 2008 album LAX. Eminem was notably absent from the album, with the accompanying music video featuring footage of Compton and nearby areas. It was interpreted by some as an insult to Eminem, a rapper from Detroit, but this was never confirmed or denied.

The track includes lyrics such as “f— Detroit and f— Slim, too” and “f— the East Coast, that’s where the worms is at”. It was thought by some that Eminem was the target of these lyrics, though this was never confirmed by The Game.

The Rumors of Eminem’s Response Track

In the months after the release of “The City” there were rumors of Eminem recording a response track. The rumors got so big that Eminem’s team had to issue a statement saying that no such track had been recorded, and that the rumors were false.

This did little to quell the rumors, however. Fans speculated that Eminem had secretly recorded the track, or that he was waiting for the perfect moment to drop it. However, no such track ever materialized.


So, did Eminem ever respond to The Game’s track “The City?” Despite the speculation and rumors, it appears the answer is no; Eminem has never responded with a track of his own.

However, this may change in the future. Eminem and his team have yet to comment on the matter, so the possibility of a response track still remains. Until an official announcement is made, we’ll just have to wait and see.



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