did jill biden get booed at eagles game

did jill biden get booed at eagles game

Did Jill Biden Get Booed at the Eagles Game?

On Nov. 22nd, 2020, Jill Biden, the wife of Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden, attended the Philadelphia Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field. Many speculate that she was booed that day, however there is no clear evidence of this.

Rumors Of Boos

Several reports suggested that when Jill Biden was shown on the Jumbotron at the game and identified as the wife of Joe Biden, there were boos from the crowd. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported this, but could not verify the accuracy of the claims and suggested that it may have been mistaken for something else that the crowd was chanting.

Eagles’ Official Statement

The Philadelphia Eagles released an official statement shortly after things started to circulate on social media. This statement said that there was already an existing chant (“E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles”) prior to the Jumbotron appearance, which might have been mistaken for boos.

Biden’s Campaign Reaction

Biden’s campaign responded to this incident by releasing a statement saying:

  • “Dr. Biden will not be intimidated by this behavior.”
  • “America deserved better than this kind of malicious heckling of a devoted public servant like Dr. Biden.”

The statement also invited people to join their efforts to overcome “the divisiveness, lies and the ugliness we’re seeing in politics today”.

Ultimately, it is unknown whether Jill Biden was booed at the game. While several reports indicated this may have happened, much of the evidence that has been presented is inconclusive.



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