do larval tears respawn in new game plus

do larval tears respawn in new game plus

Do Larval Tears Respawn In New Game Plus?

In NieR Replicant, the player faces many challenging enemies, one of the toughest being Larval Tears. The question is, do these enemies respawn in New Game Plus?

The Short Answer: Yes, Larval Tears in NieR Replicant respawn in New Game Plus.

Larval Tears Respawn In New Game Plus

Larval Tears are powerful enemies that can be encountered on two separate occasions throughout the game. They can be found durint the Forest of Myth, as well as the final chapter in the Forest of Myth.

Prior to beginning NewGame+, it is advised that the player first beats the game. This ensures that no matter how experienced the player is, the game will still be just a challenging.

Once New Game Plus is started, players will face the same enemies that were previously encountered. This includes Larval Tears, so players must be prepared for a difficult battle.

Tips and Tricks For Defeating Larval Tears

To defeat Larval Tears, the player must utilize a combination of offensive and defensive techniques. Here are some tips and tricks to make the fight easier:

  • Take advantage of their weakness to fire. Use your sword to unleash fiery attacks and combo them.
  • Use Defensive Skills to protect yourself from their powerful attacks.
  • Take advantage of the environment in the Forest of Myth. Use the terrain to your advantage when dodging and attacking.

By following these tips and tricks, players can easily defeat the formidable Larval Tears.


Larval Tears are certainly powerful enemies in NieR Replicant. However with the right strategy and a little bit of practice, players can easily take them down. And, as confirmed, these enemies do in fact respawn in New Game Plus.



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