do ps4 games work on ps3

do ps4 games work on ps3

Do PS4 Games Work on PS3?

Video game players have a deep interest in knowing whether PlayStation 4 (PS4) games are compatible with the PlayStation 3 (PS3). There has been much discussion online about this issue and now we are going to provide some clarity.

The Basics of Compatibility Between Consoles

The fact is that newer versions of Playstation consoles are not compatible with versions of the hardware released before it. This includes physical discs, digital downloads, and online services.

The Difference Between Different Generations of Consoles

Generally, PlayStation consoles are created with improved hardware and software from the previous generations. This means that PS4 games with graphics, too complex to be supported by PS3 hardware, will not show up, even if the game disc is inserted into the console.

Online Services

PS4 games including the most recent releases cannot be played on the PS3 due to technological differences between the consoles. In addition, the other aspects of the 4th generation console including PS4’s services and apps, also do not work on PS3.


Ultimately, PS4 games are not compatible with PS3 consoles. Here are the main points to remember:

  • Physical discs and digital downloads: PS4 games will not play on the PS3.
  • Online services: PS4’s online services and apps are not supported.
  • Hardware limitations: The graphics and performance intensity of PS4 games makes it impossible to be supported by the PS3.



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