does a nintendo switch come with games

does a nintendo switch come with games

Does a Nintendo Switch Come with Games?

The Nintendo Switch is definitely a must-have console, so it’s no surprise gamers find themselves asking “Does a Nintendo Switch come with games?”. The short answer: no, the Switch does not come with games.

What Comes with the Nintendo Switch?

When you purchase a Nintendo Switch you will find the following items in the box:

  • Switch Console – The main console unit featuring a tablet-like design with removable Joy-Con controllers
  • Joy-Con controllers – One left controller and one right controller strap
  • Switch Dock – The station that connects the Switch to the TV and easily swaps from handheld and docked mode
  • HDMI cable – The cable that connects the Switch dock to the TV
  • AC adapter – The power brick for providing power to the Switch, to charge the Joy-Con controllers and for charging the battery of the Switch console

So, Where Can I Find Games for my Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo eShop is the main marketplace where you can purchase digital copies of games and other content on the Switch. These are the same games you would find in physical retail stores, but they are sold online and downloaded directly to your Switch. You can also purchase physical copies of games at retail stores or online.

Lastly, if you’re an online subscription service like the Nintendo Online Service, you have access to the Nintendo Arcade which brings a range of classic NES and Super NES games to your Switch.

In conclusion, no, the Nintendo Switch does not come with games included, but you have several options for finding and purchasing games for the console.



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