does clemson storm the field every game

does clemson storm the field every game

Does Clemson Storm the Field Every Game?

Clemson is one of the most successful college football dynasties of all time, winning two national championships in the last three years and appearing in five consecutive College Football Playoff championships. But just how often does Clemson storm the field after a win?

The History of Storming the Field

Clemson has a long and storied tradition when it comes to storming the field. The Tigers first stormed the field in 1983 after a dramatic win on the road against North Carolina. Since then, Clemson fans have been known to storm the field any time the Tigers secure a big win.

Are All Wins Celebrated the Same?

While Clemson fans may love to storm the field, they are usually selective when it comes to which games actually warrant a field storm. When the Tigers win a close game against a tough opponent or secure a key victory in the conference or national championship, that is likely to cause a storm. But when Clemson wins a low-key regular season game against a lesser opponent, it is unlikely that the fans will storm the field.

How Do You Know When Clemson Is Going to Storm the Field?

The best way to know when Clemson is likely to storm the field is to be in attendance at the game. When it looks like the Tigers are about to secure a win, the crowd can get a hint that a field storm may be coming. You can also look to social media to keep track of when Clemson storms the field – the hashtag #ClemsonStorm always takes off after a big win.


While Clemson fans may love to storm the field, they usually reserve their most impassioned celebrations for the biggest wins. Every Clemson win is special, but the select few that are truly worthy of a field storm will stay in the Tiger faithful’s memory for years to come.



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