does dsi play 3ds games

does dsi play 3ds games

Does DSi Play 3DS Games?


The DSi is a dual-screen portable gaming device produced by Nintendo. It is seen as the predecessor to the highly popular Nintendo 3DS. It is not obvious at first glance if the DSi is capable of playing 3DS games.

The Answer

Unfortunately, the answer is no — the DSi is not capable of playing 3DS games. This is due to hardware and software incompatibilities, meaning the physical hardware of the DSi is not able to run 3DS game cartridges, and even if it did the software of the two systems is not interchangeable.

Differences between DSi and 3DS

That being said, the two systems are more similar than different. Both the DSi and 3DS are dual-screen handheld gaming consoles from Nintendo and share many features. Some of these differences include:

  • Graphics: The graphics on the 3DS are significantly better than those on the DSi. The 3DS has a wider and more efficient set of graphical capabilities

  • Screen size: The 3DS has larger and more high-definition screens than the DSi

  • Games: Most titles available on 3DS can not be played on DSi


In conclusion, the DSi is not capable of playing 3DS games due to hardware and software incompatibilities. While the two systems share similarities, there are also various differences between them, such as the graphics, screen size and game availability.



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