does far cry 6 have new game plus

Far Cry 6 New Game Plus Mode

Far Cry 6, the newest installment in the popular shooter series, does include a New Game Plus mode. This mode allows you to carry over your weapons, money and even any unlocked Far Cry 6 achievements from one playthrough to the next. With New Game Plus, you can replay the entire game and make a different set of decisions and see different outcomes.


Players are also rewarded for going through Far Cry 6’s New Game Plus mode. Finishing the game once will unlock the following items on New Game Plus:

  • Alternate Weapons: a special set of weapons and items only unlocked when you complete the game once in New Game Plus mode.
  • Costume Pieces: special costume pieces only available in New Game Plus.
  • Outfit: a special outfit only available after completing the game in New Game Plus.


Far Cry 6’s New Game Plus mode offers an exciting way to replay the game and discover new endings. Whether you’re looking to make different decisions or just want to check out some extra content, New Game Plus offers something for almost everyone. So if you want to get the most out of your Far Cry 6 experience, make sure to give the New Game Plus mode a go.



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