does ps4 disc games work on ps5

does ps4 disc games work on ps5

Does PS4 Disc Games Work on PS5?

The upcoming release of Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the Playstation 5, has prompted many gamers to ask the question: will their PS4 disc games be compatible with the Playstation 5 (PS5)?

PS5’s Backwards Compatibility

Fortunately, the answer is yes. PS5 will be backwards compatible with the vast majority of PS4 games, including disc-based games. Sony has stated that they are aiming to make as many games as possible from the PS4 catalogue playable on PS5, and have taken steps to ensure the quality of these titles:

  • Improved Loading Times: This will help speed up load times for compatible PS4 games, making them more enjoyable to play on the PS5.
  • Enhanced Visuals: PS5 will also include improvements to the visuals of PS4 games, such as higher resolution and faster frame rates.
  • 3D Audio: PS5 will also feature 3D audio, bringing dynamic and immersive sound experiences to compatible PS4 games.

Playing PS4 Games on PS5

It is easy to transfer your existing PS4 games to your PS5. You simply insert the game disc into your PS5 and the game will install to the hard drive. Once it is installed, you can play the game just as you would on the PS4.

The only exception is that PS4 games that require PlayStation VR will not be compatible with the PS5, as the console does not have VR support. Similarly, games that require PlayStation Move controllers will also not be compatible.


In conclusion, PS4 disc games are compatible and playable on the PS5. Furthermore, Sony has taken steps to improve the look and performance of these titles, making them even more enjoyable to play on the PS5. However, games that require PlayStation VR or PlayStation Move controllers will not be compatible with the PS5.



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