don’t fall game

don’t fall game

Basic Rules and Concepts of the Don’t Fall Game

The Don’t Fall Game is an exciting but simple game designed to be both competitive and fun. It requires two or more players, the right equipment, and a good knowledge of the rules.

Equipment Needed:

  • One or more sets of equal-sized sticks 2-4 feet long
  • 2-4 sets of equal-sized small stones/objects


The objective of the game is for players to try and not be the one who falls first. The first player to fall off the sticks is the loser.

Rules and Play:

  • The game begins by forming a circle of the sticks on the ground.
  • The stones are placed in the center of the circle.
  • Players then take turns to take one of the sticks from the circle and place it between the stones.
  • The player must then use the stick and attempt to balance on it by using their hands and feet.
  • If the player falls off, they lose the round and must remove a stick from the circle.
  • The game continues until one player falls off and is declared the winner.

The Don’t Fall Game is a great way to encourage competition while having fun with friends or family. It requires balance and focus, and can quickly become addictive. The game can also be modified to make it more interesting and challenging, such as by adding obstacles or changing up the size of the sticks.



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