don’t forget the lyrics game

don’t forget the lyrics game

Don’t Forget the Lyrics! The Classic Music Trivia Game

Have you ever heard a song and wished you could remember all the lyrics? Now you can test your knowledge with the classic music trivia game Don’t Forget the Lyrics!. The game is simple: watch singers perform their hit songs, but with a twist – the lyrics are removed from the song, and it’s up to you to remember and provide the correct words!

How to Play

  • Choose one of the featured songs. The lyrics will be removed from the song as it’s played.
  • Read the presented lyrics for the beginning and the end of the song.
  • Fill in the blanks in the song as best as you can.
  • Complete the song with the correct lyrics and watch the singer perform the song in its entirety!


  • Hundreds of songs to choose from classic rock, pop, and hip-hop artists.
  • Listen to the songs and read the lyrics before starting the game.
  • Get song suggestions based on your music tastes.
  • Compete with friends to see who knows the most lyrics.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics! is the perfect game for any music lover. So, what are you waiting for? Put your knowledge of song lyrics to the test and challenge yourself to remember the missing lyrics. You might surprise yourself with all the lyrics you know!



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