When you’ve got a cat girl and anime to watch

Fox Sports is excited to bring you the premiere of the latest anime to be released in 2017.In addition to Catgirl: The New Adventures of Catgirl (2016), the anime will also feature Catgirl and the Catwoman of Gotham City.The new episodes will air on Fox Sports 2 in early 2018.Catgirl: New Adventures Catgirl has been created by series creator Yuka […]

Why are ketchup and other foods banned at a restaurant in Washington?

Posted June 05, 2020 03:20:13Some restaurants have been forced to close and others have moved to new locations because of the growing trend of people buying ketchup at a fast-food restaurant, the Washington Post reported.The restaurant chain, Burger King, had previously faced protests and boycotts after its ketchup was sold in a grocery store in the city.The Washington Post wrote […]

How to stream anime in 2018

If you haven’t been following our live-streaming coverage, it’s probably because we’ve been writing about it for years now.It’s a very big deal: In just a few short weeks, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube will all start rolling out streaming service subscriptions that let you watch all sorts of anime and manga.And while the industry has been pushing to do […]

How to Stop the Animals in Your Life

Posted February 08, 2019 05:17:14When it comes to animals, I always find it difficult to understand how humans manage to be so incredibly cruel.For instance, I know that when I think of killing animals, people will automatically think of what they see on television.And while watching that cruel show, it’s like the brain is sending a message to my brain […]

How to make a cross with a dog

Posted October 02, 2018 08:06:56 You can do this with a cross dog, or even with a toy dog.Here’s how.A dog with a leash A dog that doesn’t want to be tied down A dog who has a dog toy on its head A dog you don’t want your dog to tie down to.The dog must have its mouth open […]

How to animate your Reddit Animal Crossing GIFs

I know it’s a pain in the ass to just upload your own GIFs, but if you really want to make them, you’re going to have to learn to work with Reddit.I’ve been watching a lot of animated GIFs on Reddit, and one of the easiest ones I’ve seen to make is called “Animated wallpaper”.It takes a little while to […]

The first season of a new anime movie has a ton of funny animal photos

Anime is one of the most popular genres of entertainment in Japan, and it has produced a number of animated and live-action features over the years.But despite the popularity of the genre, there is a lot of content that can be found on YouTube that is not included in anime movies.This week, we are sharing some of the best and […]