How to watch the upcoming Animes: Animes to Watch

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How cute are some anime girls?

The latest crop of Japanese anime has seen some of the most high-profile, controversial and hilarious characters, but one of the more interesting and controversial has to be the otaku subculture that sprung up around the popular manga and anime series.While some may consider otaku to be a niche of a particular age group, many otaku have an extensive background […]

Why do we think anime is a dirty word?

Anime, the artform that has been around for decades and inspired artists and animators from a long time ago, is being used in a new way.While the term “animism” is a bit more nebulous, it is definitely a buzzword being used by some to describe a more contemporary approach to animating and art.It has been used to describe various artistic […]

How to make a cute anime video without making it gross: “Cute animal, animal planet, animation”

By using cute animals, animals and animals-related concepts to tell stories and entertain, some of today’s most popular anime have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.But what if you could do the same thing with cute animals and animated images?That’s what we did with this post on how to make cute animated videos using Mink animal.(You can read the full story […]

How to draw a cute animal crossing art

This is an easy art exercise to try on your own.If you don’t have a photo of a cute, furry animal crossing the road, I’m sure there are a lot of creative ways to do it.I am a fan of cute animals and I wanted to draw cute animals crossing the street.So, I did the exercise for a day.You can […]

How Sad Anime Girl Gets Cat Fucked in Anime

Tags 3d animation,animes,aniega girl,sana source Time Title How Sad Anime Girl Gets Fucked In Anime article Title 5 Anime Girls That Make Me Feel Sad When They’re Fucked article Title How Anime Girls Get Fucked by the Big Bad Wolf article Tags 4k anime,anike x,japan,animation source Time source Time article Tags 8 videos you need to watch in one sitting […]

What is the difference between a ‘wild animal’ and an ‘animation’?

By JEFFREY RYANESPN CricInfo title What’s the difference?The difference between animals and cartoons?By J.R.R TOLKIENGetty Images 1 / 5 2 / 5 3 / 5 4 / 5 5 / 5 What’s a ‘Wild Animal’?Wild animals are not real animals, they are fictional creatures made up by animation studios and the media to make the world feel a certain way.This […]

When Disney is Disney, there’s a whole lot of fun in this mashup

It’s been five years since Disney bought Pixar and its animation studios, and with the deal closing this month, we’ve got a glimpse of what the future might look like for animation.While the two studios were never intended to be independent, the acquisition has made them part of Disney Animation Studios, which includes Pixar, Marvel Studios and other properties.And with […]

How Disney and the Disney Channel are killing the ‘Disney Channel’

A lot of the talk about Disney and The Disney Channel in recent months has focused on its plans to buy ABC, its parent company, and turn it into a Disney channel.But Disney has been working to get some of the channels it owns under its Disney+ umbrella for years.The channel has a long history of creating programming, and it’s […]

How the Internet is transforming pornhub’s pet-based porn

When the company first launched pornhub in 2014, its most popular content was animal gifs.But in the next few years, pornhub took its pornhub pet-related content to a whole new level.Today, there are more than 6 billion views of pet porn.But the pornhub Pet Memes site has also made its pet-centric content available to people who don’t have access to […]