Why is there so much cat and mouse in anime?

Anime cat, best animated movies and anime girl characters are among the many things that makes anime great, according to a new poll.The poll of more than 5,000 fans in English and Japanese on Nico Nico Music Club (NMCC) also revealed that the popularity of cat and mice in anime is not a new phenomenon.“I think anime cat and mittens […]

Anime hands and Bob Animal Crossing: Flip Flop

The anime series, created by Katsuhiro Otomo and featuring a colorful cast of animated characters, has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide.Otomo is now in his 70s and has said he has not considered retirement, though he does plan to step down from his publishing company and become a motivational speaker.The series has also been a hit with children.A […]

How to cross a busy intersection without looking like a moron

We’re in the early days of this week, and you might be wondering: How do you get around the busy intersection of West Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard without looking suspicious?Well, if you’re looking for a way to cross the street without looking anything like a complete moron, the answer is simple.You need to have a good, solid excuse to cross.And […]

How to tell if your dog is a tiger

Taming a tiger requires training a little bit of empathy, but not enough to allow the animal to live long enough to mate.So if your canine companion is an animal mongrel, you might want to consider this guide to helping the animal live longer.1.How long will the animal have to live?Taming an animal takes time, and it is usually more […]

Anime skateboard

Japanese skateboarder Takeshi Tachibana, 26, is in a coma after suffering an attack in the early hours of January 4th, according to local media.Tachibane was one of many Japanese skateboarding legends who died in recent years after suffering heart attacks and strokes.

How does the Wolverine’s new pet lion change the way you view animals?

The Wolverines’ new pet, the black and white cheetah, has become a hit in China with Chinese netizens praising the animal for its gentle nature.The cheetahs’ popularity has seen it listed among the world’s 10 most popular pets on the online marketplace Weibo.The animal, which was unveiled in February, has been adopted by the Womens’ Association of China, a charity […]

When does Australia go ‘big-screen’?

Now Playing: Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to unveil a big-screen version of his country’s iconic cartoon characters article Now Play: ‘Aboriginal men’ in Australia: What you need to know about Australia’s history of violence against Indigenous women and girls article Now Watch: Why Australia is becoming a ‘toxic country’ article Now Listen: How an indigenous woman got her start […]

Why is the mascot for NBA’s NBA All-Star Game at the Lakers’ Pau Gasol-led Lakers so bad?

By BERNARD JOHNSONSource FOX Sports 1 / 11″It’s all about Gasol,” Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said Monday after Gasol’s team lost in overtime to the Utah Jazz.“The whole thing is just about the Gasol thing.And I think we’re all going to be surprised when he starts coming out to play again.”The Gasol phenomenon began in February 2016 when he played […]

How to get to Raymond Animal Crossing: Switch to the Animal Crossing Animal Crossing Switch

Animal Crossing was released in the US in 2005 and has since spawned more than 100 spin-off games, each with their own distinct aesthetic.In a new episode of Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, explains how the game’s designers decided to keep the original game’s design intact.We asked the series’ lead, Raymond, about why the game is so important, […]

Which anime characters are your favourite?

By now you’ve seen the new animated movie Jojo: Summer Wars and now you may have seen the first Jojo video game Jojo Battle Royale, which will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the UK on November 4.You might also be familiar with the Jojo comics, which include the title characters from the JoJo series.Jojo anime fans have […]