Why do cats get ‘rage’?

The world of cartoons and animated films is a weird place.Some of it is pretty good.Others are a lot more tame.But there are some things you just can’t ignore.The most basic of them are the cat and mouse games.These include Cat-eater and Cat-Eater 2 and Cat Eaters 2: Cat-eaters Paradise.And they can be really fun, especially if you like to […]

How to find out what is happening at your favourite anime shows, from the anime trailers to the anime art and story-lines

A new breed of anime fandom has taken root in Australia.From the likes of One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist and Berserk, to the recent Berserk anime, this new breed has a penchant for getting into the action.With a growing number of anime fans taking a closer look at their favourite shows, here are some things to keep in mind as you […]

‘Citizen of the World’: Animal Planet airs in HD, online as ‘Animal Planet World’ premieres in Japan

The live-action Animal Planet Channel is set to air in HD and online as a special celebration of “Citizen, World.”Citizen premiered in 2016 and is the first Animal Planet series to air online, allowing fans to view it at any time of day, anytime.The channel also will stream the first episode in 1080p, but not in a traditional, 3D format.The […]

Anime Cats’ Anime Hair: Anime Cats Hair (Anime) – Anime Cat Girl

Anime cats hair is a trend for anime cats, and anime cats hair has grown in popularity.Anime cats hair can be either pink or red in color, and is available in different lengths, and shapes.Anime cats hairstyles are very popular among anime fans and anime fans have also begun to buy anime cats ears.Anime cats ears are usually shaped like […]

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Watching Anime (and Other Adult Films)

Animals, we are.And we are not afraid of being hurt, killed, or even sexually abused.We are not stupid.And in the age of the Internet and social media, we can easily access all the information and resources you need to know if we have the desire to explore and find out the truth about animals, or the world we live in.As […]

How to Get Started on the Anime Monster List

I’m sure many of you have been there, waiting for the day when you can actually get your hands on a box of anime demon dolls.If you’re not one of those who’s been waiting for this moment, I’ll bet you’re thinking, “I’ll wait until the summer, that’s a month or so away.”Yes, I know.I’m glad you’re still alive, because we’ve […]

Which anime girl is best suited to crossing anime characters

As anime fans eagerly await a new season of One Piece, fans are wondering which anime girls are the most suited to the role.As it turns out, the answer is actually “none of the above,” as the most popular anime girl, Celeste, can be seen crossing characters with ease.When the anime was first released, Celes appearance as the anime’s leader, […]

Diana Animal Crossing: Dubbed Anime Crossing for Switch (and Switch)

Diana Animal Crossings latest entry in the Diana series of anime-themed video games is finally coming to Switch, the Nintendo Switch version of the game, with a release date set for late 2017.The title will be available on the Nintendo eShop starting tomorrow, December 18, but the game will also be available through the Switch’s online store, with the title […]

When does the chicken-animals rivalry become more real?

In an industry dominated by chicken and eggs, the chicken and egg feud has become more important to the industry than ever before.But the rivalry has not been entirely lost.Overlord anime series is currently airing on Crunchyroll, where the show’s anime dubs are available, and on the popular streaming service, Hulu.In addition, Overlord anime is currently streaming on Crunchies.tv.And the […]

5 Reasons You’re Actually Watching Anime Online

When you’re reading an anime, there’s a good chance you’re watching it on a computer.The majority of anime streaming sites aren’t streaming anime as much as you might think, and there’s also a good chunk of anime that’s available for free.You’re more likely to find anime you like on your phone, iPad, or Android tablet than you are watching it […]