how can i watch the sixers game tonight

how can i watch the sixers game tonight

How to Watch the Sixers Game Tonight

Tonight is the night for Philadelphia 76ers fans! If you want to join from anywhere with an internet connection, here’s how:

Live Streaming Services

The best way to watch tonight’s game is through streaming services such as FuboTV, SlingTV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTubeTV.

  • FuboTV – provides access to the majority of the country’s major networks, including ESPN, a channel that will air the game.
  • SlingTV – offers access to ESPN and TNT (also showing the game) in all its packages, as well as a few extra channel offerings.
  • AT&T TV Now – formerly known as DirecTVNow, the service mostly comes with ESPN, with the exception of its Plus package.
  • YouTubeTV – this streaming service has ESPN and most of the other major networks that you’ll need to watch the game.

Cable and Satellite

For those unable to access streaming services, there are still plenty of options for cable and satellite subscribers.

  • DirecTV – offers comprehensive access to ESPN, with the exception of its lowest-priced Core package.
  • Xfinity – provides the majority of the major networks to its subscribers.
  • Verizon Fios – includes access to ESPN, TNT, and other channels in all its packages.

Whatever route you choose, enjoy the game tonight!



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