how do you beat there is no game

how do you beat there is no game

Beating There Is No Game

If you’ve ever played the browser game ‘There Is No Game,’ you will have no doubt realized that it is a unique and entertaining experience that involves players clicking through quirky visuals on the screen. Upon its conclusion, players are left feeling confused as to how they beat the game. This article will provide helpful insight as to how to best tackle this title.

Read Instructions Carefully

When the game begins, a set of instructions appear on the top left corner of the screen. At first glance, these instructions may appear to make no sense, but it’s important to pay close attention to them. In particular, the words ‘Don’t do it’ prompt players to do the exact opposite and press the button. By doing this, players will discover that they’re not restricted to just that button. Other instructions will begin popping up, and players should continue to heed the directions they’re given.

Use Your Mouse

In order to progress through this engaging game, players will have to get used to using their mouse to move elements onscreen. Using the left and right arrow keys, players can drag objects around the game window and interact with various components. It’s important to stay alert as seemingly random objects will appear and disappear, leaving the player guessing as to what lies ahead.

Hints and Tips

To fully experience ‘There Is No Game,’ players should pay special heed to the hints and tips they’re given. These include:

  • Be patient – As the game progresses, strange events will occur that require players to remain patient and wait for the right sequence of events to occur.
  • Experiment – Often, players are required to pause and think before continuing. Experimenting with buttons and objects gives the player a better chance of succeeding.
  • Pay attention to hints – Throughout the game, cute characters will appear that offer players helpful hints on how to proceed. These should be taken seriously as they will prove invaluable when reaching the conclusion.


‘There Is No Game’ is a fantastic title that requires the player to use their wits, ingenuity, and keen sense of observation in order to fully enjoy it. By following the tips outlined in this article, players will be able to become victorious and beat the game.



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