how do you play hand and foot card game

how do you play hand and foot card game

What is Hand and Foot Card Game?

Hand and Foot Card Game is a popular partnership card game that involves four players divided into teams. It is normally played with two decks of cards, including jokers. This game originated in the United States and is played all around the world.

How to Play Hand and Foot?

Step 1: Divide the four players into two teams of two (North/South, East/West).

Step 2: Choose the dealer and have them order one deck of cards. Typically, the North/South team shuffles one deck while the East/West team shuffle another.

Step 3: Deal each player 11 cards. The players can look at their 11 cards and then organize them in their hands (“hand pile”) or in their feet (“foot pile”).

Step 4: The player left of the dealer starts by discarding one card with the aim of forming particular combinations. The combinations could include:

  • Two or three pairs of the same number (For example: two aces, two jacks and two queens).
  • Straight groups of three or more (For example: Six, Seven, Eight, Nine of any suit).
  • Sequences of two or more (For example: Ace, Two, Three, Four of any suit).

Step 5: The next player should either pick the discarded card or pass. The goal is to make all your 11 cards into valid player combinations, thus “going out”.

Step 6: Once a player “goes out” all the players should count the number of valid card combinations they have. Each player’s combined total of hand and foot is the number of points they will earn.

Step 7: The team that gains 500 or more points first wins the game.


With just two decks of cards and four players, Hand and Foot is a simple but intense and exciting partnership card game enjoyed by all ages. Different variations are widely available and can bring a new level of excitement to your gaming experience.



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