how i met your mother drinking game

how i met your mother drinking game

Make Drinking Along with “How I Met Your Mother” More Enjoyable with this Drinking Game

Do you love watching “How I Met Your Mother?” If you do, then you’ll appreciate this drinking game that’ll make watching it with your friends even more exciting and enjoyable. Here are the rules to play the “How I Met Your Mother” drinking game:


  • Each time one of the five core characters says ‘legendary’ – drink
  • Whenever a high five is exchanged – drink
  • Whenever there is an appearance by the determined, jilted and focussed ‘Mother’ – take a sip
  • Whenever Lily and Marshall argue – take a shot
  • When Barney makes an outrageous and creepy pick up line – everyone must down their drink

The rules may change during different episodes, so, pay close attention and get ready for an evening full of wild antics and good laughs.

Choose Carefully

Remember, you don’t just have to drink beer when playing this game. Instead, choose drinks that will mimic the character’s favorite alcoholic beverages. For instance, you can use a classic whiskey for Barney, Budweiser for Ted, and Cabernet for Robin.

Most importantly, drink responsibly and have fun!



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