how long are mlb baseball games

How Long are MLB Baseball Games?

Baseball is known for its lengthy games. But just how long are MLB baseball games?

Average Length of an MLB Baseball Game

The average length of an MLB baseball game is around three hours. This is primarily due to the amount of stoppage that occurs throughout the game. Between pitching changes, video reviews, and intentional walks, the clock can tick for a long time before there is any real action.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are, however, exceptions to the rule. Some games can be finished in as little as two hours, while others can last upwards of four hours. This is largely dependent on how many runners there are on base, how often teams are switching pitchers, and how many runs are scored.

Speed Up the Game Strategies

The MLB is attempting to speed up the game with new strategies. This includes instating pitch clocks, limiting pitching changes and introducing batter limits, and instituting automatic ball-strike counts.

Factors that Impact Game Length

There are a few factors that can affect the length of a game:

  • Number of Runs: Games that result in high-scoring affairs generally last longer than games with lower-scoring outputs. This is due to a longer time spent making pitching changes, watching the batters adjust, etc.
  • Pacing: Certain teams are known for their slower, methodical pacing. This type of baseball often leads to longer games as play is not rushed.
  • Weather: Rain delays can extend the length of a game significantly. As can strong winds and thunderstorms.

In conclusion, the length of an MLB baseball game is typically three hours, but can range anywhere from two to four hours depending on the game. The league is attempting to speed up the game with new strategies, but certain factors still impact the length of each game.



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