how long are world cup games 2022

how long are world cup games 2022

The 2022 Qatar World Cup Games

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is the next instalment of what is surely one of the most attended and watched sports events in the world. As one of the most acclaimed tournaments in football, fans across the globe will be eager to witness the highest quality of performances and most intense clashes on the pitch that this event can possibly produce. With that said, a few key questions may arise in the minds of fans, such as “How Long Are World Cup Games 2022?”

Duration of World Cup 2022 Games

The duration of each game in the 2022 Qatar World Cup will be 90 minutes, as per usual. The 90 minutes will be divided into two 45-minute halves, and a 15-minute break between the two halves. Additionally, depending on the degree of necessity, the referee of the game may decide to add on a few minutes of extra time. This applies to both halves and is referred to as extra time, or injury time.

Extra Time in World Cup 2022

When a game reaches full time and is tied, a period of extra time must be played to determine the winner of the match. This extra time will be in the form of two periods (15 minutes each) that will be added onto the end of 90 minutes of regulation time. If a game is still tied after extra time has been played, then a penalty shootout will decide the winner.

Things to Note Regarding World Cup 2022 Games

  • The duration of World Cup games in 2022 will be the usual 90 minutes.
  • Extra time (in the form of two 15-minute periods) may be added if the game is tied after 90 minutes.
  • A penalty shoot-out will be needed to decide a winner if a game has still not been won after extra time has been played.

Overall, the exciting 2022 Qatar World Cup should be a spectacle, and the great thing is that fans now know the duration of each and every game that will be played in the tournament.



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