how long do baseball games usually last

how long do baseball games usually last

How Long Do Baseball Games Usually Last?

Average Lengths of MLB Games

The answer to the question, “How long do baseball games usually last?,” depends on the level of the game. In Major League Baseball (MLB), games typically last between three and four hours. On rare occasions, the game can go longer, up to five hours, if it goes into extra innings.

Factors Affecting MLB Game Lengths

A number of factors can affect the duration of baseball games. Some of the more common variables that can influence the length of a game are:

  • Length of Inning: A long inning will take longer to complete, both in terms of pitches thrown and decisions made by the umpire. This can add extra time to the overall length of the game.
  • Pitching Changes: If a pitcher is unable to continue pitching, or if his or her performance is subpar, then a pitching change needs to be made. This also adds extra time to the duration of the game.
  • Number of Struggles: If a batter or pitcher is struggling, the inning can take longer to complete. When the batter or pitcher is not performing well, the opposing team may take the opportunity to make adjustments.


In conclusion, the most common length of MLB games are between three and four hours. This duration can be extended by factors such as the length of an inning, pitching changes, or number of struggles, which can all add extra time to the game.



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