how long do high school soccer games last

how long do high school soccer games last

How Long Do High School Soccer Games Last?

High school soccer games can vary in length, depending on the age group and difficulty of the level of play. Generally, a high school soccer match lasts for two 45-minute halves. However, in some cases, games may be shorter or longer.

Age Differences

For younger, more inexperienced players, games tend to be a little bit shorter. For example, games for high school soccer players between 11-14 years of age may be only two 30-minute halves. Additionally, depending on the league or tournament, the age limit may factor into how long the game is.

Fouls and Injury Stoppages

In a game, fouls can sometimes extend the game duration. A game may be stopped if a player is injured and requires medical care. If there is a notable stoppage, referees may add additional time to cover for the delay.

Game Length Factors

  • Competition Level: Games may be longer in higher levels of competition like tournaments or playoffs.
  • League Rules: Local or regional soccer leagues may impose rules on game duration.
  • Spectator’s needs: Spectators may be a factor when it comes to the length of a high school soccer match. For example, certain schools may want to finish games before it gets too late at night.

Overall, the duration of high school soccer games can vary, but in most cases, the game will last two 45-minute halves. Depending on the competition level, age, or rule regulations, the game duration can be either shorter or longer.



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