how long do minor league baseball games last

how long do minor league baseball games last

How Long Do Minor League Baseball Games Last?

Minor league baseball games vary in length depending on the type of game and the specific league, but generally last from 8 to 10 innings or 2 to 3 hours. Minor league baseball games typically have fewer innings than major league games and are played without any extra inning periods.

Regular Season Game Duration

The length of a minor league baseball game during the regular season is usually nine innings. Some leagues have games of seven innings, while some have doubleheaders with two 7-inning games back-to-back. Most games will last from two to three hours.

Playoff and All-Star Game Length

Playoff games and All-Star games in the minor leagues usually last the full nine innings, but can last up to 10 or even 11 innings, depending on the specific league. A longer playoff or All-Star game length is designed to increase the excitement and competition of the game.

Tournament Games

Tournament games, especially those involving top-level teams, may last longer than regular season or playoff games. Depending on the tournament, there may be a few rules differences, such as a mercy rule (5 or 6 inning game) or tiebreaker innings, that could cause the game to last longer than regular season games.


Minor league baseball games also have pregame events and festivities, such as the National Anthem, which can add several minutes to the time the game lasts. Additionally, some games have postgame activities, such as fireworks or a concert, which further extend the game time.


  • Innings – Minor league baseball games usually last nine innings, but can last as few as seven or as many as eleven.
  • Game Type – Regular season games, playoff games and tournaments games may all have different lengths, as well as additional activities that extend the length of the game.
  • Extras – Pre-game and post-game activities can increase the length of a minor league baseball game.

In summary, minor league baseball games typically last two to three hours, but can vary depending on the type of game, the specific league and additional events. Even as short as seven innings or as long as eleven innings, minor league baseball offers excitement and competition for fans of all ages.



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