how long does an mls game last

how long does an mls game last

MLS Game Duration

Major League Soccer (MLS) games typically last 90 minutes, including stoppage time, although typically the actual playing time falls between 80 and 85 minutes.

90 Minutes Total

The duration of an MLS soccer game is established in the league’s official rules. According to the rules, the length of a game is 90 minutes, including stoppage time, which is two halves of 45 minutes each with a halftime break of about 15 minutes. The game clock is run in a stopwatch fashion such as a basketball game, as opposed to simple counting with an actual clock as in traditional soccer matches.

Stoppage Time

Stoppage time is calculated at the referee’s discretion and is typically used to make up for time which is lost during the game due to injuries, time-wasting, substitutions and other factors. Stoppage time lasts anywhere from a few seconds to up to six minutes total.

Actual Playing Time

Due to stoppage time, the actual playing time for an MLS game is usually typically shorter than 90 minutes. The official rule states that “the period of play will not exceed 85 minutes,” which indicates that the playing time typically falls in the range of 80 to 85 minutes.


In conclusion, MLS games typically last a total of 90 minutes, but the actual playing time usually falls between 80 and 85 minutes due to stoppage time.



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