how long is a soccer game on tv

how long is a soccer game on tv

How Long Is a Soccer Game On TV?

Soccer games on television can range in length, depending on the level of play. Soccer on television can include professional or amateur club games or international tournaments. Here is an overview of the various lengths of a soccer match that is broadcast on television.

Professional League or Amateur Club Games

A professional or amateur club game typically runs for 90 minutes, with two 45-minute halves plus up to five minutes of stoppage time. Broadcast coverage of these types of games will start 15 minutes before the match and typically run for two to three hours, featuring commentary, halftime analysis, and post-game discussion.

International Tournaments

International tournaments such as the World Cup and the Champions League follow similar rules. Games are usually broadcast live and include pre-game coverage, analysis and post-game discussions. While the game itself will usually run for 90 minutes, broadcast coverage can last up to four hours.

Special Events

Special events such as the Women’s World Cup or the World Cup Final will typically have longer broadcast coverage. For example, the 2015 Women’s World Cup Final broadcast began three hours before the game and ran until well after the match.

High-Profile Games

High-profile games such as Chelsea versus Arsenal will have extended broadcast coverage, with build-up before the match and post-game analysis. These types of games can run for up to four hours.


In conclusion, broadcast coverage of soccer games on TV can vary depending on the level of play. Professional or amateur club matches and international tournaments will typically run for two to three hours, while high-profile games and special events can extend to up to four hours. The length of a soccer match itself on television will usually be 90 minutes.



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