how long is a super bowl game

how long is a super bowl game

How Long is a Super Bowl Game?

The Super Bowl is the annual football championship game of the National Football League (NFL). The biggest event of the year for American football fans, the game and its related festivities often constitute a week-long celebration. So how long is a Super Bowl game?

How Long is the Game itself?

The actual game itself is quite short by today’s standards and typically lasts less than four hours, with an official start time at 6:30 p.m. EST. This includes:

  • Pre-game: The opening ceremonies, typically lasting about an hour.
  • Game: The actual game lasts approximately three hours.
  • Post-game: Movie-style conclusion, celebration, and trophy presentation.

How Long is the Entire Super Bowl Celebration?

Although the official game itself typically lasts only four hours, there are many other related festivities that collectively constitute one of the most celebrated weeks of the year for American football fans. The festivities for Super Bowl 50, for example, spanned an entire seven-day period, comprising of:

  • Media Day: A media event taking place one day prior to the game.
  • Super Bowl City: A multi-day fan village located in downtown San Francisco.
  • NFL Tailgate Party: A four-day tailgating event open to NFL fans.
  • Super Bowl Experience: An interactive theme park featuring games, clinics, player autograph sessions, and more.
  • Legends Brunch: A lavish three-course brunch attended by NFL players and Hall of Famers.

In summary, the length of an official Super Bowl game is typically around four hours. However, the entire celebration often last over seven days, providing football fans with a week full of activities to enjoying leading up to the big game.



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