how long is a youth soccer game

how long is a youth soccer game

How Long Is a Youth Soccer Game?

Youth soccer is a great way for kids to have fun, stay active, and get involved in sports. However, soccer is a physically demanding sport and it should be taken seriously, especially since it can require plenty of energy depending on the existence of tournaments, the intensity of the game, and more. One of the most important questions parents may have is knowing how long a youth soccer game actually lasts.

Duration of Youth Soccer Games

Typically, the field dimensions and playing time for youth soccer games vary for each age group. Depending on the age range, the games typically last for either two 25-minute halves, two 30-minute halves, or three 20-minute thirds. Here is a breakdown of the typical game lengths:

  • U6 and U7 age groups typically play two 25-minute halves.
  • U8 and U9 age groups typically play two 30-minute halves.
  • U10 and above age groups typically play three 20-minute thirds.

Halftime and Extra Time

In addition, there is also a halftime break, typically 5-minute long, for players to hydrate and for coaches to brief the team on adjustments. If a game is tied after regulation, extra time of 5 minutes can be added usually followed by penalty kicks to determine a winner.

Timeouts and Substitutions

Players and coaches can also take small breaks, commonly known as timeouts, during the game. Timeouts are typically 1-3 minutes long and allow players to rest and get re-hydrated. Teams are also able to make up to three substitutions per game, depending on the league requirements.


Regardless of the duration of a soccer game, it’s important for parents to remember that the player’s health, safety, and well-being are the priority. Parents should adhere to the duration and timeouts established by the league and make sure their player remains hydrated and has fun.



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